Keep your fleet under extra protection 24/7

Gamebot Studio protects your fleet from attacks with automatic fleet relocating and alarming features.

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When an attack is detected, it gives an automatic alarm and keeps alerting until you turn it off.

Auto messsage sending to attacker

It sends the custom messages you pre-defined at intervals of certain minutes.

Auto fleet relocating

If the attacker doesn't withdraw his fleet after getting the automated message, your fleet will be automatically relocated after a period you pre-defined.

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This software cannot be detected by any means because it runs at random minute intervals that you specify. It also works as a browser extension and doesn't require you to use any account information so your account stays safe forever.
No, it doesn't work, unfortunately. It keeps working as long as your computer and browser are working because it is a browser extension. If the bot is disconnected from the game; when you log into your account, it will reconnect to the game automatically and start working again. It keeps working until you stop it.
Every customer has a week trial account. You can buy it at the end of the 3-day demo period. One time payment is enough to use the bot. You have an unconditional right to cancel your purchase and get a refund within 24 hours following your payment.
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